Entry: ::Important! We are moving!:: Monday, May 31, 2004

Hey folks,

we are moving to a new place! Wanna come with me and play?

My new blog is now located at my new shiny website: http://blog.anti-originals.com.

Okay, okay, it still looks like shit, but I am working on that. Still some coding to do, but with the work on my house and several side-projects designing my own blog doesn't come first.

Do note, however, that this blog will be abandoned, no new post will be made here, you can find them all at the new address. So point your browsers to http://blog.anti-originals.com and bookmark it while you are at it.

The old posts from this site will be transferred to the new blog in due time (it has to be done by hand, ugh), but all the new stuff will show up there from now on!

Have a look, and while you are at it, stay there, but don't procreate, please. Not on my blog, anyways ;-)

See you there,


P.S. Interested in helping me out transferring 50-odd posts by hand? Let me know! (As if, lol!)
P.P.S. Ideas about the design for the new blog? Let me know by email.


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