Entry: ::Fun with the camera, and more:: Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hi y'all,

I have updated my photo portfolio on www.photo.net. You can find the direct link here.
It seems that for every 100 photo's I take, exactly 1 (one) is worthwhile posting there, and still with doubts at that... I hope to improve that rate a bit in the future, as you can imagine. Still there are some nice pics added.

On a side-note, www.anti-originals.com is slowly being updated, to get into a kind of final state. At least considering the front-pages... There is a custom 404 now, though, hehe. (Try "Nederlands", and then "Hoe wij werken", for instance.)

A lot of other things are happening at the moment, my head is doing 360's constantly from all the input. The building of the new house is going faster then we had planned or hoped for. Which, of course is good news. Most of the gain is due to the help of some friends. Thanks folks!

There is too much to mention right now, so I will refrain from it. Ask if you are really curious...



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