Entry: ::Bad days:: Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hi y'all,

I often have a bad day mixed in between the good days. That is okay, the sun cannot always shine (except in Texas maybe). Unfortunately the last three days have been bad days. That doesn't happen a lot, three days in a row. It takes a bit of recovering to get used to feeling good again. So that's what I did today, recovering. That means, basically, doing not too much, and taking some rest when I feel like it.

Happily for me, I have many friends that can take my bad moods, and are even willing to receive me for coffee (or tea) when I am feeling lousy. Thanks. I hope you know what it means to me that you are there, online and in Real Life™. Sometimes you need to run away to get back to yourself.

Okay, on to the good news. The first good news is that the RSS-feed is discontinued, for now. Actually, it hadn't been updated for a month now, and I heard nobody complain about it, so I don't think anybody will feel very sorry for the loss. I started to loathe writing A-class XML-code by hand, when the transfer to www.anti-originals.com is made, it should be possible to automate it. An idea for the community: it would be nice if there was one standard for RSS-feeds, instead of nine(!) incompatible ones...

I noticed that part ten of Fall Of The Moon was inaccesible from the link I gave (which was this link). Here is a direct link, sorry for the inconvenience. I will find the bug and solve it soon (promises, promises, hehe).

For my dutch readers: I translated (part of) the main site of Anti-Originals into dutch. Would you like to walk through it and see if I oversaw anything? Thanks in advance. For my english readers, note the smooth transition from english to dutch and back (bragging here).

That's all for now, I am sure I am forgetting something, but tomorrow is another day,

and remember: there is no place like home, except maybe Las Vegas when Sinatra is in town...



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