Entry: ::Quick update:: Monday, May 03, 2004

A few points to mention:

  • This blog will, in time, be transferred to a new address: www.takeontheweb.tk. I am currently transferring all the posts on this site to the new one. You can take a look there already, but it ain't finished yet, so don't expect too much eyecandy. ::WARNING:: Do NOT click on the popups when you are using IE/Win!!! *sigh*

  • www.anti-originals.tk has been changed and updated. Still not ready, but finally IE-compatible, it gives a good overview of the philosophy behind the site and the project. If you are willing to cooperate, drop me a line.

  • I am more then busy with building my new house, so my webpresence is less then desired (to me). Things are going well, though, but we will need another three months before the house is ready.

  • I am on the side busy with creating a special portfolio of enhanced and changed photo's. There is no webpresence for them yet. I will create an account (somewhere) though, that will let you download full-size files, that are printable on A4/letter-size paper. That is, when you like them, of course!

  • More little projects are running, you will see in due time.




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