Entry: ::Update on current affairs:: Tuesday, April 27, 2004

For all you out there wondering what I am doing. A lot. Let me explain.

Fall Of The Moon
Yet again, Fall Of The Moon has been updated, part eight already! If you think that once a week is a little low on volume to read, let me know. I can update twice a week as well.

New house
The house I am living in now, in my parents garden, is being replaced with a new house. That means that this house has to be deconstructed, and for that I have to move out, obviously. So the last few days I have been packing stuff in boxes, lots of boxes. My books have been put in 15 moving boxes... And of course a lot of other stuff, mostly computer hardware and miscellaneous stuff.
I will live in one of the livingrooms of my parents house for the coming months, when we are building the new house. Quite cosey and convenient and all, but I can't wait to have the new house ready.

Help needed. Would you like to contribute to a new company on an ad-hoc basis? Is there something you are really good at? Do you speak foreign languages (like spanish, german, french, etc)? Do you write poetry? Do you make, compose or write music? Do you design? Do you (HTML, etc.-) code?
And, are you opinionated? Are you blunt? Honest? Rough and tough on the communicative side? Can you put a thought into image, sound or text? Are you a cynic?
And, can you handle impossible contradictions? Can you handle impossible requests? Can you point out to people that what they want is neigh impossible, has been done before, is pointless, or is just completely wrong? And can you explain why it is so?
Then we need you!

Do not expect money. Do not expect recognition. Do not expect to become famous. Probably the most you would get out of it is enemies and fights. A lot of them.

In exchange, I do not expect ethics of any sorts, I do not expect you to be nice to me, I do not expect you to play by the rules. And most of all: I do not expect you to be an original!

But if you like to piss people off and you can do so with a clue, let me know, drop me a line. Email on the left.

That's all for now,



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