Entry: ::Debugging, help appreciated:: Sunday, April 25, 2004

Right, the Anti-Originals website is in public now, but that doesn't mean there is no work to be done. Constant improvements are being made.

I made a special testing and debugging site, that you can find here. If you are any good at writing HTML and/or CSS, help me out with the following problem:

The page looks like absolute crap in IE, why in heavens sake? I figured out the negative margins on the pictures give problems, so I removed that in a test-test-page (getting too complicated for you now?), but the Iframe still loads below the pictures. Why? And how do I solve it? Help appreciated. (P.S. Why is the first picture-frame slightly moved to the right?)

Tell me what you think of the Iframe, as a tool to be used for faster loading multiple content-pages in an image-rich site.

Have fun!



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