Entry: ::Wowsie, lots to tell!:: Thursday, April 22, 2004

Where to begin? At the beginning of course!

Fall Of The Moon
Fall Of The Moon is updated. As promised. A little late, I admit. I had promised to post chapter seven earlier, but my promises are worth as much as a pound of lead; sure it feels like it has the same weight as gold, but the shine is less...

Portfolio being build
For the last week and a half I have been building a page that has to become my portfolio. It will be a showcase for the various qualities I think I have (you are free to disagree). At the moment, there is only this to see. If you belong to the 90% that still browses the intarweb with IE, you are (for now) sore out of luck. So far the page will work with Mozilla, Safari and (most likely) Opera and Netscape (higher then 6.x). IE will display the page less then optimal, to make a nice understatement.
Understandably, the page will have to be accesible to all people, including the other 90% who don't browse with standards compliant browsers (muttering something about awareness and evil empires...). This means I will have to rebuild the page to make it display properly in IE as well.
I have tried to make the page as I wanted it IE-compatible, but that proved impossible, so I will make a seperate page, with less eyecandy, but functional.
As to cater to my dutch audience, both IE and standard-compliant pages will be translated into dutch as well (that would be the easy part).

You could help me out by thinking about the "tone" of the text on the portfolio page. Should it be professional, can it have some humour, etc.?

120 GB
I was running out of space on my computer, mainly due to an accumulating music-collection (No! Not pr0n!). Yesterday I bought a 120GB Maxtor HD, which I installed today. I also bought another wireless network card for my dad's laptop. So next time you see me, ask where I am, and I will probably answer that I am sitting in the garden, in the sun, with a glass of coke and a bunch of cookies next to me.



P.S. The portfolio displays perfectly in Opera.

P.P.S. For those who might have thought that my relationship was over: it was, but only temporarily. Lucky me!


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