Entry: ::Photography, in black and white:: Sunday, April 11, 2004

Something I had wanted to do for a long time, choose from the roughly 400 photo's I have taken so far with my camera the ones that I thought would be publishable. Don't be afraid, only nine (9) have been chosen to be published this time. I have chosen to publish only black and white, three portraits, three nature photos and three architectural photos. You can judge them here.

It was rather unfortunate for me to publish only black and white because that meant that one photo had to be left out. This one:

I hope you will enjoy the photos,


P.S. This photopage is giving even more problems then the last one. Both CSS and HTML4.01 are fully W3C.org validated, but IE5/WIN and IE6/WIN don't display the table (with the images and links) at all. Not even a notion of them being there. They do show up in the source code, though. I have really no clue as of what is happening here. The code is so clean I would eat from it, and simple as hell (look at the sourcecode if you don't believe me). Odd.

Workaround: download a decent (standards-compliant) browser here or here.


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