Entry: ::Photopage recreated:: Thursday, April 08, 2004

The last few days I have been working on the redesign of my existing photo-page, the walk around Doorwerth Castle. The main page has been transformed completely, using full CSS now. The individual photo-pages have been rewritten in cleaner code, using CSS again, to create a uniform effect.

Keeping download times acceptable (for those of you still on dial-up), and making the management of the individual pages far more easy for me, the results are quite nice.

You can find the main page here.

Important note
The photo-pages are fully W3C-standards-compliant, both the CSS-parts and the HTML-parts. Still, when using Internet Explorer 5 and 6 for PC, or Internet Explorer 4 for Mac, or Netscape 4 or earlier, you will find that some pages seem to display less then optimal. The information is accesible, the photo's are viewable in full resolution, though the formatting might seem slightly off. This is due to the CSS-rendering in the mentioned browsers. If you want to enjoy the full visual bliss of fully rendered CSS-pages, consider trying Mozilla or Firefox (free, open source) or Opera (free, adware).



P.S. All images and texts are released under a Creative Commons License.

P.P.S. The coming days I will be sifting through the hundreds of photo's I have shot so far with my digicam, I will publish the best online in a seperate album.


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