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    Monday, April 05, 2004

    I have updated the Fall Of The Moon website again. I did two things:

    Firstly, I have completely overhauled the looks of the site, to go with the theme of the book. Go check it out here. I hope you like the new looks, let me know!

    Secondly, I have posted yet another chapter, #4 already. Enjoy!


    Posted at 11:36 pm by mbergisch
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    Sunday, April 04, 2004

    Friends and readers,

    in every religion, there are ways to express your sympathy to others who are in pain, need courage, healing or strength. I am sure that the bunch of you can think of many ways to express that sympathy. I am sure as well, that most of you would send your prayers, thoughts, or other forms of consolation even to a complete stranger to you.

    Now, as we speak, I have a dear friend whose troubles are large, and she surely could use the sympathy and love of us all, us who know her and those who don't. Please think of Cactus and the difficulties she is dealing with and pray, think or imagine for her to overcome this.

    As is said, there is no better way to overcome pain and suffering then with humour and faith. Charlie Chaplin (of all people) wrote this song long, long ago:
    Smile, tho' your heart is aching
    smile, even tho' it's breaking,
    when there are clouds in the sky
    you'll get by
    if you, smile through your fear and sorrow,
    smile and maybe tomorrow.
    you'll see the sun come shining thru for you.

    Light up your face with gladness,
    hide ev'ry trace of sadness,
    altho' a tear maybe ever so near,
    that's the time you must keep on trying,
    smile, what's the use of crying,
    you'll find that life is still worth while,
    if you'll just smile.

    My heart is with you, Cactus,



    Posted at 10:40 pm by mbergisch
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    Saturday, April 03, 2004

    This has been an insanely busy week. Not that I mind, but it was. As I said to a friend, it ain't necessarily bad to be busy, just make sure you are busy with nice, fun things. And I was busy with just that, nice, fun things.

    First of all, I bet you all noticed by now that I have given this page a spring theme. After figuring out how it worked, i added the following four (4)(!) lines of code to my main template:
    body {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    background-image: url("http://www.geocities.com/mbergisch/txt/daffodil.txt");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-position: center center;

    font: 9pt verdana, arial, helvetica
    (actual changed code in bold, the rest for the purpose of reference, would you wish to do something similar)

    I also added boxes around the articles as a whole, thus including date, title, article, time submitted and comments. This required a small addition to the main template again, namely the addition of a seperate class that holds the classes of date, title, article, time submitted and comments. The class looks like this:
    .article {
    padding-top: 5px;
    padding-left: 5px;
    padding-right: 5px;
    border: #000000 2px solid;
    margin-top: 10px
    (the border part adds the border (duh) and the padding makes sure that the text stays away from the border)

    In addition to that, I had to make sure that the newly-made class "article" would hold the classes for date, title, etc. I did so thus:

    (the bold parts are the parts added to the part of the general template that describes the positioning of the classes on the blog-part of the screen)

    The result is, in my view, visually pleasing to the eye, and, more important, makes it easier to see where the article begins and ends.
    If you have comments on the new design, let me know. If you want to know in more detail what changes I made in addition, feel free to ask me.

    CSS, more coding...
    I made two pages that might be of interest if you are a coder and/or want to learn something new.
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
    I used a variety of CSS-tricks that I ripped of of other websites, feel free to do the same with these examples if you think you can use them, or parts of them. In the case of these two examples, the html code is exactly the same, the CSS-page behind it has changed only minimal, to change the background picture(s). Again, if you have questions about the techniques used, feel free to ask me.

    Fall Of The Moon, chapter three
    On the sister-blog Fall Of The Moon, I have posted the third chapter of my book-in-writing. Enjoy, and as always, if you notice something odd, weird or just plain wrong, feel free to leave a comment.

    The graphics shop traineeship
    Tuesday I went to the graphics shop "Outhuis" for the first time, followed by friday morning. Both days were very nice, in more then one way. The colleagues are more then pleasant to work with, the workplace is nice and quiet (relatively) and the work I have to do (desktop publishing) is challenging and exciting (for someone who likes to design and code). In other words, it seems to be a success now, and I hope to be able to stay there for a few more weeks or months, to get back in some kind of workrythm, to learn more about desktop publishing and to develop some other skills I might be able to use in a paid job. So far, so good!

    Technorati link added
    In the left menu you will find a new link to Technorati. Technorati is a tool to monitor and follow links, trends, discussions and updates on weblogs. The link added is purely for entertaining value and should in no way be read as if I am suddenly important ;-)

    Creative Commons license
    I also have added an official notice that all materials released on this site are available under a Creative Commons License. Click the pic to see what you can and cannot do with the texts, poetry, images and other collected information on this page.

    Have a good week,


  • Posted at 07:22 pm by mbergisch
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    Monday, March 29, 2004

    No, I have no doubts at all about my talent whatsoever, no sirree...

    I have been asked to come for an interview (including a two week stay) at a local graphics shop. I am not sure yet what my tasks will be, but I will most likely end up in the DTP (desktop publishing) area of the company. I think I cannot say loud enough how excited I am about the possibilities. But I am at the same time doubting about my creative abilities. I am not worried about the technicalities of working the Apple computers, but I am about my talent. I guess I will have to wait and see, talent tends to stay hidden until poked at with a red hot stick (read: deadline).

    Wish me luck,


    P.S. Credit where credit is due

    Posted at 03:32 am by mbergisch
    Comments (2)

    When browsing the intarweb for something completely unrelated I came across this picture of Cerenkov radiation in action in a "nucular" reactor. This is by the way the thing I forgot about yesterday...

    For your reading pleasure, and not to repeat something mistakenly, here you can find more, lots more.

    Be safe, don't glow too much,


    Posted at 03:23 am by mbergisch
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    Sunday, March 28, 2004

    The Smears website has gone live recently. Go visit for all your information about mine and your favourite band their website here. Among other things, there are downloadable mp3's, video's, and many pictures of the latest gig in Unitas (that I was going to post, but what the heck). Have fun!

    On a completely different note, the second chapter of The Fall Of The Moon is available on the Fall Of The Moon website. Enjoy your reading, and please let me know what you think about it.

    There was something else I was going to say, but I forgot. I can be like that...



    Posted at 03:33 am by mbergisch
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    Wednesday, March 24, 2004

    When we had the first sunny day last wednesday (almost 20 C), I felt something that I hadn't felt since last summer. I wanted to write. As mentioned a few posts back, I started writing a book last summer, and I am planning on continueing this summer, time permitted.

    I was thinking how I could get myself in the mood for writing again, and then particularly writing the rest of this book. Well, how about a bit of peer-pressure? Self-inflicted, no less. For that reason I have decided to publish the part of the book I have written so far on a seperate blog, that you can find here. I will publish one chapter every week. Don't be fooled into thinking that that is a lot of reading, since most of the chapters are several letter-sized/A4 pages in size at most.

    The title of the book, so far, is The Fall Of The Moon. What it is all about, you will have to find out.

    Some of you have read part of the book before, for proofreading and enjoyment. I will ask you to proofread it again for me, in exchange for reading the premiere of the publication of this book. Sounds pretentious? It isn't meant like that, I just would like to ask (especially) the native english speakers amongst you to correct errors you happen to walk across in the text. I especially ask for correcting spelling, grammar and things that are unclear. Please leave a comment under the chapter you found the error in, if you would repeat the sentence in whole with the correction embedded, I will review and change if neccesary.

    Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy reading!


    Posted at 03:16 am by mbergisch
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    Monday, March 22, 2004

    Last week was a busy one, no time to update the blog. So here's a short overview of my dealings this last week. Nothing too special or interesting, just a peek into my life.

    Monday I had an interesting meeting with the municipal facility to provide me with a temporary income until my reintegration finishes. They applied me with enough money to live reasonably off, for enough time to finish my reintegration. In addition to that they decided that I do not have to apply for jobs outside the normal reintegration routine, which takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. And Maaike dropped by, which is always nice, but for the life of me I don't remember what we did that monday, except for going on a small shopping spree (well, she did, at least). My memory is bad, I should write things like this down...

    Tuesday was basically boring, and tiring. My psychologist came to visit me. We talked about some of the things that make me feel uneasy, and which I will not repeat here for that reason. All in the name of giving the new medication (Efexor) a proper "scientific" backing. And, of course, to stem the tide of fears that comes with slowly letting go of the valium. The 10%-less-per-week regime is working so far, but I am sensing a difficult time ahead, when I drop below ten milligrams per day. We will see. I spent the evening going to the gallery for a meeting where we set the dates for bar-related work. I seperated myself from the group a bit. I needed a lot of personal space. It must have looked odd to some people, but hey, this is me, after all, what did you expect?

    Wednesday was actually quite interesting. Every wednesday afternoon I work at the office in the gallery, usually doing some office-related work, such as writing letters, mailing stuff and trying not to make a mess of my desk, to which I seem to have a knack. But last wednesday two new computers had arrived that had to be installed, replacing two older machines. It was told that it should basically be a plug and play installation, plug the things in, move some files and done. Not so, unfortunately, or fortunately, because I like tinkering with computers. It appeared that none of the two computers had operating systems installed, but had a Windows95 partition nevertheless. Like someone just deleted all the files, but did nothing else (really should have booted with a Dos floppy or a Knoppix-cd to see what I could have "salvaged"). So installing Windows98 failed: "Boot up Windows95 and choose Install", right... Reformatting the disk with the installation-cd of WindowsNT seemed to do the trick, if I would have had the code of the cd, which I hadn't. So halfway through I broke off the installation, and installed Windows98, reformatting again, but it worked. Applied the same cumbersome trick to the other machine after figuring the first one out. Took me the whole afternoon, but I cannot say I didn't enjoy myself. As I said, I like tinkering with computers.

    Thursday was less spectacular, but fun nevertheless. After basically hanging around all day, doing nothing, I spent the evening at the gallery again, this time running the bar for a literary evening. J. Luiters came to talk about french literature. The theme of the national Bookweek was France (are we still trying to bribe them into legalizing softdrugs?), and Luiters had written some books on the topic. He decided to plug his yet to be released book instead, a biography of the french poet Rimbaud, so not all too off-topic after all. Very interesting to listen to, it seemed Rimbaud was quite the brute in his younger years, while writing the most wonderful poetry. After mellowing down in his latter years, he never reached the high quality of his earlier work again. "To write good poetry, one has to live through all the emotions a man can have." I like to subscribe to that philosophy, if it was only for the fact that I have lived through many of them already. Too bad I still don't write good poetry...

    Friday surely was interesting! After being called late thursday afternoon if I could do sound engineering friday evening, I went (again!) to the gallery to do just that, sound engineering. The masterclass of the local music university had their finals, and the "light music" class was up. "Light music" means amplification, and there were no less then three finalists, each with their own band, who wanted to do a soundcheck of an hour each (in 45 minutes total...). In short, a big mess of wires and impossible conflicts of interests. I had to play rough a few times, but I like that from time to time: "I want to practice this song one more time." Me: "Practice is what you do at home, if you can't do it now, you will never be able to do it." Hehe, that one made me smile.
    A pianist was up first, with a regular jazz-backing (bass, percussion and tenor-saxophone). Playing regular jazz, though in some way more refreshing then I had heard in some time, for the first two songs, he played a combined boogie/rag as his third song. Refreshing indeed, and so much that I asked him afterwards for a few names I could look up at KazaaLite. Look for Scott Joplin.
    A vocalist was up next, with backing ranging from two background singers to a full band. The amplification was troublesome because the band tended to flood her singing spectrum, even after I warned them that that would happen if they would play too loud. They played too loud nevertheless, so the result, soundwise, was less then desireable, but the best I could do with the means available.
    A guitarist was last up, with a ver varied set of backing, from only himself to a full band playing something that made me think of Muse. The guy was a wonder on the guitar, could sing very well, played the piano a bit (he apologized for his playing beforehand) and had wit and style. Lots of screwing around with microphones and blasting the soundsystem into the red to make him audible, hard work indeed. By far the loudest music ever played in the gallery, it must have reached about 100 dB, from what I can relate to at Unitas and other venues I have listened to music while there was a dB-meter around... May I remind you that 120 dB (still four times as loud, dB's being a logarithmic scale) is the pain-limit for most humans and is comparable to standing ten feet from a starting fighterjet.

    Saturday was joy squared. My girlfriend dropped by in the afternoon. We went out to buy a gift for my friend Inge, who had her party that evening, celebrating in one go her birthday, her diploma and her new house. It made me wonder if she wasn't going to announce her wedding too, but she refrained from doing that. Now, I am not very good at parties, following my ability (and in this case handicap) to listen to all conversations going on at once. I can stand that kind of thing for a short period of time, so we went early, and left early as well, but that does certainly not mean we didn't have a good time. Short but sweet, so to say. Watched a movie with my girlfriend that evening (that was a first!), Sexy Beast, and snuggled up to her in bed. God, it surely does feel good to lie next to the woman you love and who loves you!

    And what is a better feeling then being woken up by your girlfriend the next morning (who had been up for hours already and had me left sleeping, thank god)? I enjoyed following my normal morning-routine, but with the added joy of my girlfriend being near and kissable. In the afternoon I had to work at the gallery (again! you saw that one coming, didn't you?), and I decided that it would be better if Maaike just staid home, instead of bringing her along to listen to jazz. It turned out to be a good choice, giving my mom and Maaike some time to get to know eachother a bit better, and giving me the opportunity to listen to about the most horrible music I have heard since, well, since ever. Twenty monkey's on musical instruments would probably result in better music..., no, I should say, more understandable music. I am sure it was very good, too bad I didn't understand it. As an added bonus my dad came home from Sicily, where he went to at tuesday, for something only slightly related to work, but paid by work. It was supposed to be about meeting people, talking with them and getting results. In five days he actually had one hour of meaningful conversation! But he brought a lot of goodies, including an english and italian version of the same magazine/book about Leonardo DaVinci. Interesting to see if I can figure out some Italian from the comparison of those two books. He also brought many many photo's he had taken during his time there, of which I hope to post some in the coming days weeks. Yeah, I know, I am postponing some things here, but be patient, I have a Real Life as well.

    Time for bed, regards and love,


    Posted at 04:04 am by mbergisch
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    Monday, March 15, 2004

    My presence on the web, or to be more precise, on this blog has been severely limited for the last two weeks. Of course there was a reason for it. There are actually multiple reasons for it. Mainly I have been insanely busy living in the Real Life . Friends, volunteering-work, parties and the appliance of a governement allowance, among many other things, kept me off the street for a great deal of time. And of course, having a girlfriend as sweet as Maaike, makes me want to be with her as much as I can. And it makes me want to see her too. I am a generous man, I share my wealth:

    Maaike at Unitas

    What is there to expect from me, to see here for all on this magnificent website? For starters, a detailed report from the excellent performance of The Smears, my brother's band, and the results it had. I am working on a photopage on my sister-site of the evening, but for now you will have to do with two images as teasers.

    The Smears in action!

    If you wonder where you can buy either one of those fantastic guitars, stop looking now, they are not for sale anywhere. They are handbuilt by the bass-player, Berrie, with help of Job, my bro. Not only do they look ubercool, they sound wonderful as well!

    But where there is a good band playing, you will have fans. And fans can surprise you, especially when they know someone with a camera is near.

    Job stunned by female attention

    Of course there are numerous ideas floating around in my head. Each and everyone of them has a chance of being posted here, about as large the chance is that twohundred monkey's banging away violently on typewriters produce the complete works of William Shakespeare, flawless...

    As an aside to this all, you will have heard of the rovers on Mars producing stunning pictures. Among them is a photo from the Earth, taken from Mars by the rover Spirit. 84 million kilometers away. Makes you feel kinda insignificant, not? The text in the image is not mine. Who said that NASA-engineers didn't have humour?

    And that is where we all live our lives...



    Posted at 04:21 am by mbergisch
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    When I post lyrics, I can imagine me singing them to someone. Sometimes someone in particular, sometimes to myself, and sometimes to anyone who might be listening. But it happens only on rare occassions that I am sung to. Lamb sung to me.

    Lamb, Please

    It's two in the morning
    And I'm calling your name
    Your voice on the line is
    So far away
    And my heart reaches out there
    And finds you gone
    You walk a path lonely
    But you're never alone

    And I'm begging you please
    Let me in
    Let me in

    I know there are times when
    In ashes you lie
    Each one has a shadow
    We can't deny
    But there in your darkness
    Living your pain
    Wanna wrap you in love, babe
    Again and again

    I'm begging you please
    Let me in
    Let me in

    Listen my tiney one
    Gonna make it on your own
    Look at what we have done to heal

    Please please
    Let me in
    Let me in
    I'm begging you
    I'm begging you
    I'm begging you

    Thanks Lou and Andy,


    Posted at 03:43 am by mbergisch
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