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    Monday, May 31, 2004
    ::Important! We are moving!::

    Hey folks,

    we are moving to a new place! Wanna come with me and play?

    My new blog is now located at my new shiny website: http://blog.anti-originals.com.

    Okay, okay, it still looks like shit, but I am working on that. Still some coding to do, but with the work on my house and several side-projects designing my own blog doesn't come first.

    Do note, however, that this blog will be abandoned, no new post will be made here, you can find them all at the new address. So point your browsers to http://blog.anti-originals.com and bookmark it while you are at it.

    The old posts from this site will be transferred to the new blog in due time (it has to be done by hand, ugh), but all the new stuff will show up there from now on!

    Have a look, and while you are at it, stay there, but don't procreate, please. Not on my blog, anyways ;-)

    See you there,


    P.S. Interested in helping me out transferring 50-odd posts by hand? Let me know! (As if, lol!)
    P.P.S. Ideas about the design for the new blog? Let me know by email.

    Posted at 02:09 am by mbergisch
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    Thursday, May 27, 2004
    ::Fun with the camera, and more::

    Hi y'all,

    I have updated my photo portfolio on www.photo.net. You can find the direct link here.
    It seems that for every 100 photo's I take, exactly 1 (one) is worthwhile posting there, and still with doubts at that... I hope to improve that rate a bit in the future, as you can imagine. Still there are some nice pics added.

    On a side-note, www.anti-originals.com is slowly being updated, to get into a kind of final state. At least considering the front-pages... There is a custom 404 now, though, hehe. (Try "Nederlands", and then "Hoe wij werken", for instance.)

    A lot of other things are happening at the moment, my head is doing 360's constantly from all the input. The building of the new house is going faster then we had planned or hoped for. Which, of course is good news. Most of the gain is due to the help of some friends. Thanks folks!

    There is too much to mention right now, so I will refrain from it. Ask if you are really curious...


    Posted at 02:06 am by mbergisch
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    Sunday, May 23, 2004
    ::Thanks, hon::


    Posted at 12:40 am by mbergisch
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    ::Bad days::

    Hi y'all,

    I often have a bad day mixed in between the good days. That is okay, the sun cannot always shine (except in Texas maybe). Unfortunately the last three days have been bad days. That doesn't happen a lot, three days in a row. It takes a bit of recovering to get used to feeling good again. So that's what I did today, recovering. That means, basically, doing not too much, and taking some rest when I feel like it.

    Happily for me, I have many friends that can take my bad moods, and are even willing to receive me for coffee (or tea) when I am feeling lousy. Thanks. I hope you know what it means to me that you are there, online and in Real Life™. Sometimes you need to run away to get back to yourself.

    Okay, on to the good news. The first good news is that the RSS-feed is discontinued, for now. Actually, it hadn't been updated for a month now, and I heard nobody complain about it, so I don't think anybody will feel very sorry for the loss. I started to loathe writing A-class XML-code by hand, when the transfer to www.anti-originals.com is made, it should be possible to automate it. An idea for the community: it would be nice if there was one standard for RSS-feeds, instead of nine(!) incompatible ones...

    I noticed that part ten of Fall Of The Moon was inaccesible from the link I gave (which was this link). Here is a direct link, sorry for the inconvenience. I will find the bug and solve it soon (promises, promises, hehe).

    For my dutch readers: I translated (part of) the main site of Anti-Originals into dutch. Would you like to walk through it and see if I oversaw anything? Thanks in advance. For my english readers, note the smooth transition from english to dutch and back (bragging here).

    That's all for now, I am sure I am forgetting something, but tomorrow is another day,

    and remember: there is no place like home, except maybe Las Vegas when Sinatra is in town...


    Posted at 12:13 am by mbergisch
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    Thursday, May 20, 2004
    ::Long, long time::

    Hi y'all,

    it has been a long long time. I have been insanely busy, as usual. Too many things to mention here.

    One thing I would like to draw attention to is that www.anti-originals.com just went live. It's still a tad unpolished, as you will discover, but the domain is there now. I have some 500MB to spare, so expect to find my photo's and blog there as well, in the future.

    Another thing of note, Fall Of The Moon has been updated again. Part ten, already. It is a short chapter, so I will post the next one somewhat sooner.

    To tease you with my wealth, two pics of Maaike I took when dining.

    (With flash)

    (Without flash)

    That's all for now,


    Posted at 02:08 am by mbergisch
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    Monday, May 10, 2004
    ::Photo-portfolio (official) and Fall Of The Moon::

    Hi all,

    On the wonderful site www.photo.net there is an opportunity to add your own photo's. I did so too, reluctantly, because I feel I cannot live up to the standards of most of the other site-inhabitants. The direct link is here.
    Leave a comment if you wish, and enjoy!

    On an entirely different note, Fall Of The Moon has been updated again. I am sorry for the slight delay, but here is part nine.

    Sleep tight,


    Posted at 11:37 pm by mbergisch
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    Thursday, May 06, 2004
    ::Kabaal am Gemaal, the first pics::

    The performance of The Smears at Kabaal am Gemaal, on liberation day in Wageningen was a huge success.

    Where did you see the first pics? Here! But for more pics and other goodies make sure to visit their site! It's worth it! Free music too!




    And the whole band, The Smears

    This is all for now,


    Posted at 10:06 pm by mbergisch
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    Monday, May 03, 2004
    ::Quick update::

    A few points to mention:

  • This blog will, in time, be transferred to a new address: www.takeontheweb.tk. I am currently transferring all the posts on this site to the new one. You can take a look there already, but it ain't finished yet, so don't expect too much eyecandy. ::WARNING:: Do NOT click on the popups when you are using IE/Win!!! *sigh*

  • www.anti-originals.tk has been changed and updated. Still not ready, but finally IE-compatible, it gives a good overview of the philosophy behind the site and the project. If you are willing to cooperate, drop me a line.

  • I am more then busy with building my new house, so my webpresence is less then desired (to me). Things are going well, though, but we will need another three months before the house is ready.

  • I am on the side busy with creating a special portfolio of enhanced and changed photo's. There is no webpresence for them yet. I will create an account (somewhere) though, that will let you download full-size files, that are printable on A4/letter-size paper. That is, when you like them, of course!

  • More little projects are running, you will see in due time.



  • Posted at 09:19 pm by mbergisch
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    Tuesday, April 27, 2004
    ::Update on current affairs::

    For all you out there wondering what I am doing. A lot. Let me explain.

    Fall Of The Moon
    Yet again, Fall Of The Moon has been updated, part eight already! If you think that once a week is a little low on volume to read, let me know. I can update twice a week as well.

    New house
    The house I am living in now, in my parents garden, is being replaced with a new house. That means that this house has to be deconstructed, and for that I have to move out, obviously. So the last few days I have been packing stuff in boxes, lots of boxes. My books have been put in 15 moving boxes... And of course a lot of other stuff, mostly computer hardware and miscellaneous stuff.
    I will live in one of the livingrooms of my parents house for the coming months, when we are building the new house. Quite cosey and convenient and all, but I can't wait to have the new house ready.

    Help needed. Would you like to contribute to a new company on an ad-hoc basis? Is there something you are really good at? Do you speak foreign languages (like spanish, german, french, etc)? Do you write poetry? Do you make, compose or write music? Do you design? Do you (HTML, etc.-) code?
    And, are you opinionated? Are you blunt? Honest? Rough and tough on the communicative side? Can you put a thought into image, sound or text? Are you a cynic?
    And, can you handle impossible contradictions? Can you handle impossible requests? Can you point out to people that what they want is neigh impossible, has been done before, is pointless, or is just completely wrong? And can you explain why it is so?
    Then we need you!

    Do not expect money. Do not expect recognition. Do not expect to become famous. Probably the most you would get out of it is enemies and fights. A lot of them.

    In exchange, I do not expect ethics of any sorts, I do not expect you to be nice to me, I do not expect you to play by the rules. And most of all: I do not expect you to be an original!

    But if you like to piss people off and you can do so with a clue, let me know, drop me a line. Email on the left.

    That's all for now,


    Posted at 12:11 am by mbergisch
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    Sunday, April 25, 2004
    ::Debugging, help appreciated::

    Right, the Anti-Originals website is in public now, but that doesn't mean there is no work to be done. Constant improvements are being made.

    I made a special testing and debugging site, that you can find here. If you are any good at writing HTML and/or CSS, help me out with the following problem:

    The page looks like absolute crap in IE, why in heavens sake? I figured out the negative margins on the pictures give problems, so I removed that in a test-test-page (getting too complicated for you now?), but the Iframe still loads below the pictures. Why? And how do I solve it? Help appreciated. (P.S. Why is the first picture-frame slightly moved to the right?)

    Tell me what you think of the Iframe, as a tool to be used for faster loading multiple content-pages in an image-rich site.

    Have fun!


    Posted at 03:00 am by mbergisch
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